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Hello World! Flavor In The Street was something I wanted to do, because I felt I had grown since my previous websites. I feel like I was seeing blogging from a different perspective. At one time, I saw this as more of something I did for fun, and I still continue to see blogging as this, but I also have grown a passion for it. I'm getting a platform, where I get to fully express my views on topics in music. I feel like my opinion is rarely heard, and I want to be viewed as the voice of my generation soon. We never get a platform to talk, and it's now just the beginning. 

The idea of Flavor In The Street was just to restart my brand. I had gotten the idea of the title from one of my favorite shows, "Living Single" along with the slang, 'Word On The Street.' As many of you know, Khadijah James had owned a magazine company titled, "Flavor." I got the idea by combining the two, which later birthed 'Flavor In The Street.'

I'm quite a hard-working kid. I manage to keep my grades together, while running this blog. I've never quite looked into adding more writers to help grow the brand, but of course I'm open to trying new ideas. I plan to adventure quite a lot when I get older, and my taste in music varies. 

Ariana Grande Shares Four New Songs From My Everything + Flavor In The Street's Thoughts?

Ariana has definitely been promoting her new album, "My Everything" and now she's sharing four songs from the album. Flavor In The Street shared their thoughts on the songs below. We thought they were pretty good. She has a couple of ballads on the album as well that I really liked. Take a listen to these four songs below! I think I'm still stuck between "Love Me Harder" and "Be My Baby." I'm not sure which I like more! Tell me your favorite song below in the comments!

Love Me Harder - I'm not a big fan of The Weeknd, but I said this week, that I was going to listen to his music more often, because he has a beautiful voice! I love the fact that him and Ariana Grande worked together on a track, because they both sound great, and whoever the producers are, did a great job on this beat. It's really dope, and it's goes with what The Weeknd and Ariana Grande are saying lyrically. The song is really fun and catchy. I know I haven't heard the whole album, but this is probably one of the best songs on the album. This is my #2 favorite song (so far from what I've heard on the album) #1 would still have to be Best Mistake.

Be My Baby - Alright, so I was a little skeptical about the song at first, but it sounds really good. I think I may have another new favorite. Ariana Grande sounds beautiful vocally. The beat really grabbed me. I think this song has a really unique sound to it. I know Ariana Grande just started, and that's great, but it's really annoying when all your songs sound the same, and this, and "Love Me Harder" both have fresh sounds to it. I'm really impressed with these songs so far. If I could suggest one thing, it would probably be to turn the beat down a little. You can't really hear Ariana's vocals. 

PS: The outro to this song is beautiful. That "High Note" though?

A Little Bit of Your Heart - It's not Ariana's best vocally. I think this is more of a personal song for Ariana, so I think you should mainly listen to this song lyrically. Since, this isn't my story or anything I've been through, I can't really relate to this song, but I do think it's a beautiful ballad.

Why Try -  I'm very skeptical on this song! I'm not sure I really like it. It surely isn't what I was expecting from Ariana. This reminds me sort of "Honeymoon Avenue." I think it's a beautiful song lyrically, but it's just not Ariana's best vocally, and the beat didn't really grab me!