Flavor In The Street

Hello World! Flavor In The Street was something I wanted to do, because I felt I had grown since my previous websites. I feel like I was seeing blogging from a different perspective. At one time, I saw this as more of something I did for fun, and I still continue to see blogging as this, but I also have grown a passion for it. I'm getting a platform, where I get to fully express my views on topics in music. I feel like my opinion is rarely heard, and I want to be viewed as the voice of my generation soon. We never get a platform to talk, and it's now just the beginning. 

The idea of Flavor In The Street was just to restart my brand. I had gotten the idea of the title from one of my favorite shows, "Living Single" along with the slang, 'Word On The Street.' As many of you know, Khadijah James had owned a magazine company titled, "Flavor." I got the idea by combining the two, which later birthed 'Flavor In The Street.'

I'm quite a hard-working kid. I manage to keep my grades together, while running this blog. I've never quite looked into adding more writers to help grow the brand, but of course I'm open to trying new ideas. I plan to adventure quite a lot when I get older, and my taste in music varies. 

Did You Miss It? Whitney's Family Urge Viewers To Boycott Lifetime Biopic With "LATE" Open Letter:

Days before the premiere of "Whitney," and the Houstons are already fired up and furious! Looks like their setting up the biopic to be a failure.

That was once Pat Houston took to Facebook writing an open letter saying, "Why wasn’t there a call to myself, Gary, Cissy or even her daughter? Why deny selected members of the family an advanced copy of the film? I say this to all Whitney’s family, friends and fan base: If you watch this movie, watch it knowing that Lifetime is notorious for making bad biopics of deceased celebrities and brace yourself for the worst. You should not be surprised that someone decided to do a made for TV biopic. And, I might add, without the family’s blessing and despite her mother’s request to not do this movie. It happens every day. But misrepresenting the term friendship to advance an agenda is not only disrespectful and dishonest but a slap in the face to her true and loyal friends. I question the morality of the making of this because of the lack of experience knowing Whitney’s life. Never would Whitney allow her story to be told by an inexperienced team and how naive of anyone to think otherwise, unless you’re caught up in illusions of grandeur that you can just do anything and people will accept it. This made for TV movie is certainly not a trailer to Whitney’s life story.”

I think this biopic is getting messy, way too late. I don't mean the biopic in general, but Pat sending this open letter, the day before the premiere on TV was pointless. I mean, there's no taking back, what Angela Basset put her hard work into now. Wouldn't it have been better to send this once you got the word on a biopic in the makings, if you care so much? Whether or not the family cares, the fans will be watching, because believe it or not, the biopic has actually received many positive reviews, so Angela could be up to something. She did let me a little down with that "I Will Always Love You" performance, but we have our moments. We don't expect it to be perfect, and I hope the ending to this movie isn't as sloppy, as the ending to the Aaliyah biopic. I still can't believe Wendy Williams decided to end that movie with Aaliyah waving goodbye at her boyfriend, Damon Dash. (..And then the smartboard presentation pops up, announcing the death of Aaliyah) I hope this movie, isn't similar to the Aaliyah biopic by any means. I do really hope this succeeds, and I will be watching!

For now, if you haven't already, catch Angela Bassett's interview with Wendy Williams below!