Flavor In The Street

Hello World! Flavor In The Street was something I wanted to do, because I felt I had grown since my previous websites. I feel like I was seeing blogging from a different perspective. At one time, I saw this as more of something I did for fun, and I still continue to see blogging as this, but I also have grown a passion for it. I'm getting a platform, where I get to fully express my views on topics in music. I feel like my opinion is rarely heard, and I want to be viewed as the voice of my generation soon. We never get a platform to talk, and it's now just the beginning. 

The idea of Flavor In The Street was just to restart my brand. I had gotten the idea of the title from one of my favorite shows, "Living Single" along with the slang, 'Word On The Street.' As many of you know, Khadijah James had owned a magazine company titled, "Flavor." I got the idea by combining the two, which later birthed 'Flavor In The Street.'

I'm quite a hard-working kid. I manage to keep my grades together, while running this blog. I've never quite looked into adding more writers to help grow the brand, but of course I'm open to trying new ideas. I plan to adventure quite a lot when I get older, and my taste in music varies. 

Keyshia Cole Adresses Her Family Drama + Apologizes To Her Biological And Adoptive Family?

With a new reality show, means old family drama. Yesterday, Keyshia Cole took to instagram, adressing family drama she's been having recently, for being accused of favoritism on her new reality show, with her biological family over her adoptive. The "Heat Of The Moment" singer took to instagram writing, "#TheMessageAbove#FromACousinOnAdoptiveSide! For a very long time I thought it was a blessing to have my biological/Adopted family intertwine. But I always seem to get all the hate from both sides, one person always doesn't like another! Because I'm closer to Quita, Neffe/Others on biological side get upset. Because I decided to do a show that brought everything to the forefront! Quita and other family members are upset! This show was just a TEASER!!!! Quita is most definitely a part of this show!!! BUT THE WORLD TOOK TO MY MOTHER FRANKIE!!! AND TO MY SISTER NEFFE!!! And honestly, I'm happy they have! The network has also allowed me to executive produce, alongside James/Manny to get to the root of the problems that my mother and my sister are facing! And my mother Yvonne feels, how come the world or the Network doesn't want to see more of them! When she raised me the right way! And that breaks my heart! But I'm thankful for this opportunity! Ultimately My focus is to change lives! NOT JUST BE ON TV AS A VESSAL TO DRIVE MY CAREER!!! And I say all that to say this! #StopTheHate!!#LoveBothSides" It's no secret that Keyshia's family is a little crazy in the head, but I feel bad that an artist like Keyshia has to go through this all the time. I feel like she's looking for a pity party sometimes though, because wouldn't it have made more since for Keyshia to address this to her family personally instead of taking it to instagram? I almost feel the more you're in entertainment, you sort of get used to having your information in the public, therefore Keyshia took this to instagram, instead of taking the respective approach, like talking this out with her family. Even if her family is a little rocky, they need to get these things together and settle it out. True, this all makes for great TV, but as a fan personally, I wouldn't want to see this. I've always found interest in watching her reality shows, though this time around, I'm a little skeptical on if I want to watch this. It was never stated that this show was a family drama, but something is definitely fishy. Does anyone else smell what I'm smelling? Well, before I speak on what's fishy, the show debuted on Tuesday, so that's already an episode missed for me, but it was reported that the show didn't receive high ratings, which might explain why there business is being put out in the streets. Of course, I wouldn't expect this from Keyshia, so I wouldn't go for this story, but when you're curious, you come to many conclusions.