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Hello World! Flavor In The Street was something I wanted to do, because I felt I had grown since my previous websites. I feel like I was seeing blogging from a different perspective. At one time, I saw this as more of something I did for fun, and I still continue to see blogging as this, but I also have grown a passion for it. I'm getting a platform, where I get to fully express my views on topics in music. I feel like my opinion is rarely heard, and I want to be viewed as the voice of my generation soon. We never get a platform to talk, and it's now just the beginning. 

The idea of Flavor In The Street was just to restart my brand. I had gotten the idea of the title from one of my favorite shows, "Living Single" along with the slang, 'Word On The Street.' As many of you know, Khadijah James had owned a magazine company titled, "Flavor." I got the idea by combining the two, which later birthed 'Flavor In The Street.'

I'm quite a hard-working kid. I manage to keep my grades together, while running this blog. I've never quite looked into adding more writers to help grow the brand, but of course I'm open to trying new ideas. I plan to adventure quite a lot when I get older, and my taste in music varies. 

Chris Brown Threatens Tyson Beckford Over Selfie With Karrueche Tran/ Plans To Come To Vegas?

UPDATE: Chris Brown still hasn't exactly grown up yet. 

Recently, Tyson Beckford shared a picture on social media, where the model was seen with Chris Brown's ex, Karrueche. Writing in the caption, the model says, "Saturday with @Karrueche #vegas #palms #blasian."

It seems Chris Brown didn't take too kindly when seeing the picture of Tyson with his ex. Chris's friend, Kid Red took to social media writing, "Memorial Day Weekend aka the ni**as will be out... We just came to party tho, unless a ni**a wanna try us," wrote one of Brown's crew member on Instagram. "And that includes u model ni**as "Cough Cough #TysonBeckford [gun emoji], we see everything Lil ni**a."

Chris Brown also took to social media, where the singer wrote, "Vegas. Here we come! This FRUITZ #500."

Chris Brown is someone who I personally feel is all talk. Like, I'm not understanding what the problem is, especially when Chris Brown isn't even still in a relationship with Karrueche. Just from Chris Brown's reaction to the picture, I came to the conclusion that Karrueche rarely posted pictures, where she was seen with guys, but she has, so I wonder what about Tyson Beckford got under his skin. It's usually the girls who are insecure, so seeing this from a guy is definitely different. Chris Brown just needs to move on from the situation, just as Karrueche did. As I said though, Chris Brown is all talk, and what is his point of even trying to start a feud with Tyson Beckford? Tyson didn't even do anything problematic, but take a picture with her. Like even if Tyson was in a relationship with her, it still wouldn't be any of Chris Brown's business, as Karrueche has clearly moved on. Since they do usually have an on-off relationship, I hope this really tells her a lot about Chris Brown, and his ways. Like, if you really cared for this girl, you wouldn't have made the previous mistake of sleeping with her friend? Chris Brown is currently a father. This stuff has to stop. And just to think this all started over a photo. 

Chris Brown can't be forgiven over and over, for his mistakes. Just hopefully Chris Brown thinks about his purpose if he does actually plan on trying to start something, because it's not like he is currently in a relationship with her, and even if he was, can't she at least have the ability to take a picture with Tyson, especially after all Chris Brown has done. Maybe it's just me, but I've never seen a guy to be this insecure. So insecure over a girl they aren't even with. Not saying Chris can't have fun after having a child, but ever since Royalty was born, Chris Brown hasn't made anything, but bad decisions. At least change up your attuitde a little bit. This situation is being misinterpreted anyway. Tyson didn't do anything with that girl.

Geez.. calm your nerves. I'm sure Tyson is getting a laugh at this right now. 

Tyson Right Now: 

Tyson After Reading Chris Brown's Tweets:

As for now, Chris Brown just needs a little attention :)