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Hello World! Flavor In The Street was something I wanted to do, because I felt I had grown since my previous websites. I feel like I was seeing blogging from a different perspective. At one time, I saw this as more of something I did for fun, and I still continue to see blogging as this, but I also have grown a passion for it. I'm getting a platform, where I get to fully express my views on topics in music. I feel like my opinion is rarely heard, and I want to be viewed as the voice of my generation soon. We never get a platform to talk, and it's now just the beginning. 

The idea of Flavor In The Street was just to restart my brand. I had gotten the idea of the title from one of my favorite shows, "Living Single" along with the slang, 'Word On The Street.' As many of you know, Khadijah James had owned a magazine company titled, "Flavor." I got the idea by combining the two, which later birthed 'Flavor In The Street.'

I'm quite a hard-working kid. I manage to keep my grades together, while running this blog. I've never quite looked into adding more writers to help grow the brand, but of course I'm open to trying new ideas. I plan to adventure quite a lot when I get older, and my taste in music varies. 

Chris Brown Mad At Karrueche For Talking About Him In Recent Interview/ Karrueche Responds?

Chris Brown and Karrueche are back at it. What's new you ask? Absolutely nothing. 

It seems, the singer made a comment when watching a video from Instagram, that showed Karrueche being asked about the singer. The singer quickly commented on the video clip saying, "Honestly, it's so f--king pointless to keep doing interviews about me. Talk about your career," he wrote. "If there is no more relationship then u shouldn't be doing f--king interviews with people I won't let get the pleasure of prying into my personal life. S--t starting to get real weak now."

Karrueche quickly caught the comment on social media, making an Instagram post, in which Karrueche bashed Chris Brown saying, "First off @chrisbrownofficialyou just did an interview w Ryan Seacrest in which you spoke about me. My interview w Access Hollywood was not entirely about you.. they asked a question and as a mature adult I answered. I'm not gonna shy away from something that I lived through. I'm talking about my life and experiences. I'm not speaking on you or bashing you (like I easily could). Don't be mad at me because our relationship is over due to your lack of loyalty. You know what's weak?? You forcing yourself into my car.. my broken window.. blowing up my phone.. trying to shower me w gifts.. Man the fuck up and change the bs in your life like I've told you several times. Since you want to hear about my career - check out @vanityseries every Thursday on StyleHaul.com.. Emmy winning @thebaytheseries this Sept and 3 Headed Shark Attack on SyFy next month. Best of luck to you and beautiful Royalty."

What I've never quite seem to understand, is why does Karrueche even bother to give Chris Brown attention? Also, Chris Brown can't talk to Karrueche like that, as if he wasn't even in a similar situation. Of course, both of them are going to be asked about each other, as they were previously in a relationship. Now like most relationships, both of them could've moved on, but it's like one minute Chris Brown wants to continue having a relationship with Karrueche, and then the next day he rants about her. It only gets worse, once Karrueche decides to reply. You can't tell me you expect to do an interview and not be asked about this kind of drama. It goes on frequently between the two, so of course this is going to be the main topic of most of their interviews. Chris Brown, I've never quite seem to understand why he even bothers to rant on Karrueche. He has a successful career, and rants like this only put it (his talent) to waste. Chris Brown should know that if he doesn't want Karrueche to talk about him in interviews, that he needs to stop ranting about her, like he tends to do. This is only going to have Karrueche asked about Chris, because he decided to talk about her on social media. Like, Chris Brown is apart of the problem, of Karrueche being asked about him. Still, Karrueche kept things cool and collected, when responding and he shut up. Why might I say that? The singer posted an IG post after Karrueche's response saying, " I'm eternally thankful for you being in a part of my life. I've learned so much from you. I wish u nothing but happiness and the best. ❤️ @karrueche all I was doing was trying to fight for the woman I love. ThanxI learned a lot ✌️"

Exactly, leave that where it is, and move on... Oh, the delusion.