Jeezy Offers Motivation At Steve Harvey’s Boys Mentoring Camp


Over the Father’s Day weekend, Jeezy spoke at Steve Harvey’s 10th annual mentoring program for at-risk youth. The event took place at The Rock Ranch and was orchestrated through the decorated comedian’s ‘Harvey Foundation’ in association with Snowman’s ‘Street Dreams’ Foundation.

“Being able to come back and talk to y’all about my experiences, that makes me feel like what I did was significant. It’s like you don’t have to go through everything that I went through because I can here to tell you: Man, that shit right there ain’t it,” Jeezy said on the IG post during the event.

The Steve Harvey Mentoring Program provides fatherless teenage boys with mentors who conduct seminars on guidelines of manhood, community empowerment and leadership.

“We got to change what some of these young men what some of these young guys think manhood is because they are being raised by YouTube and videos and that doesn’t have anything to do with manhood,” Harvey said WBTV. “It’s not about how many chains you got or the rims on your car. Real men love God, real men honor women, real men obey the law, real men go to church, real men go to work every day, real men take care of their kids.”