What’s Behind The Innocent Act Of Brandy?

What’s Behind The Innocent Act Of Brandy?

Brandy hasn't displayed herself in the best light as of recently. The R&B singer debuted at 15 years old and was placed in a elite group with the late Aaliyah and Monica. Each singer had a different image, and Brandy was put in the most pressure as she was viewed as America's Sweetheart. She eventually became the poster child for teen girls. Despite how she projected herself, Brandy had jealously toward her peers. In interviews, Norwood would lie as if she was the best of friends with both Aaliyah and Monica. It was rumored that she and Monica had fought backstage at the 1998 MTV VMA's. The rumors were confirmed while they promoted their single, "It All Belongs To Me" on The Angie Martinez Show. Monica also admitted during their Breakfast Club interview that they didn't like each other and didn't communicate. 

Brandy also used to comment on Aaliyah's appearance. Aaliyah's expression seemed unsurprised as an interviewer mentioned it to her. Being the sweet-natured girl that Aaliyah was, she remained professional as she responded to Brandy's comment. Aaliyah wasn't fond of Brandy however.

On Aaliyah's self-titled album, Liyah made a subliminal diss towards Brandy on the track, “Loose Rap.” Aaliyah was aware of Brandy's jealously towards her and mentions it in the track. Brandy wanted to collaborate with her producer Timbaland and eventually did on her 2004 album, “Afrodisiac.” Timbaland happened to produce most of the album and Brandy captured Aaliyah's sound to "represent" her. 


Aside from having a squeaky clean image, Brandy was also pressured as she starred in the teen sitcom, “Moesha.” Portraying Moesha, Brandy felt that she had to live up to the image of her character. The series was seen as a platform for black teenagers as it dealt with relatable situations. Despite Moesha's close relationship with Countess Vaughn's character, the two weren't getting along in reality. They had encounters on set that led to Vaughn calling Brandy a b**ch. “She knows,” says Brandy of Vaughn. “She wakes up and looks at herself in the mirror and she gets disgusted. I don’t.”


For decades, Brandy has hidden behind this innocent image, but her true character is being unveiled especially through social media. With the R&B icon being more active on social media, it's becoming very apparent that the singer's behavior has been bizzare. Brandy, who would once draw attention with her music is instead attracting the media with drama. Brandy reignited her feud with Monica, which began publicly when a fan asked if she'd participate in the "So Gone Challenge." "Chile Bye," the R&B singer responded. Brandy also posted an Instagram post where she referred to the late Whitney Houston as her fairy godmother after Monica described her as such on Oprah's “Where Are They Now.” 

Aside from the Instagram posts directed at Monica, Brandy's songwriter and former friend Tiyon Christian has admitted to her being insecure. They've brought their tension to Instagram, and recently had a lengthy exchange of words. Their feuding became public in December when Christian had a Twitter tirade, mentioning that Brandy was upset when he took a picture with Beyonce. The two revived their feud this week and Christian posted this lengthy message on Instagram:

I'm just gonna keep it simple. I know that @4everbrandy thinks she posted the read of the century😂🙃 I've been keeping to myself & I don't even follow this woman. I've dealt with her insecurities, and her passive aggressiveness for years now. Trying to belittle me all because I can sing. When you honestly think YOU'RE the reason for other people's gifts SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU! When you call me on April fools to say you heard I been going around the industry saying I sing better & goin in on me as if it was true, Or how I remind you of Khloe Kardashian and she stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from you..🤷🏽‍♂️ Or you're mad cause I'm in LA working with "your fucking people trying to be you" (DARKCHILD) Who honestly would want to be friends with someone like that?. I'm not the ONLY artist that Brandy berates in private and thinks it's okay to belittle! Do music to inspire others... what are you in it for?! Let's just be real, God gave me my talent and I'm not gonna let someone who acts like she's innocent skate by and claim what HE gave me🤸‍♂️as if she has this new found bravery. She's always been bravely rude/manipulative & fake behind the scenes. People are starting to see HER true colors because of no one else but her! PERIOD #ThisAintNothingNew But I'll continue to pray for that woman❤️ ALSO don't send random messages about me to my Mother Brandy I would TRULY appreciate that🤷🏽‍♂️

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Nothing is wrong with Brandy being human, but it's startling as Brandy has displayed herself as this embracive and innocent woman. Since her debut, the R&B singer has appeared to have jealously toward her peers. Through her use of social media, it's clear she's still envious. However, this in no shape or form takes away from her accolades or her unique gift.